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Tec******ry Chile Director:Mr.Michael

Greetings, I want to make a shared file from the SD card of the Arduino in order to access it like an FTP and be able to be accessed via FileZilla. But I have tried plenty of projects and sketches and none of them have worked for me. I am not very good with programming for Arduino. Your company help me code, provide a sample project and guide me through the process of making an Arduino FTP. Really thanks!

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J**ch Director manager:Mr.Juan

We have cooperated with Okystar in 1 year.Very good experience with their service,products.

But hope more additional products so that I can purchased on 1 supplier and not multiple.Thank you.

Bro*** Tech Purchase manager:Mr.Andrian

As the successful buying time,I am so happy to see what we get everytime.And I wish they can provide more payment option. Keep checking goods before shipping on each time.

Thai***m CEO:Mr.Andy

Its owesome! It will change the world, the advanced products manufacturer: OKYSTAR starter kit has great interests to program it. All of our customers like what you are offering.Thanks!

A****K E*****K Sales manager:Mr.Kutay

Thanks for your helping.You guys help me slove a problem.This is the communication with my customers.

“I want to be able to display the BPM on an LCD in real time. How would I be able to do this? Is there a certain function I can use to print the BPM on an LCD? If anyone could provide the function or code to perform this action it’d be greatly appreciated.”

Your replies”Do you have the display & lcd library already, and have you experimented with printing text on it?There’s a few lcd tutorials on how to do this (I recommend using an I2C lcd, fewer wires).lcd.print(bpm) will display the bpm on in the screen. You’ll also need to set where on the screen you want it with lcd.setCursor, and also think about how often you want it updated on the screen. If it’s too frequent then it might not be easy to read, so you’ll need non-blocking delays to tell it when to print the bpm value i.e. once per second.”

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