Sensor Module

DHT21 AM2301 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor module–OKY3073

Smart Home Lighting System DIN Rail AV controller Intelligent Control Processor

ESP-13 ESP8266 Wifi Module–OKY3369

Micro USB To Dip Female Socket B Type–OKY3447

PS2 Game Joystick X2 Axis Sensor Module–OKY3432-1


GT-38 Wireless MCU Serial Module–OKY3362-4

GT-24 Wireless Module- OKY3362-3

4 Push Buttons Matrix Keypad Module–OKY3530-1

1-8S new two-in-one power monitor–OKY3418

MQ-131 ozone sensor module–OKY3340

GY-56 infrared laser ranging module–OKY3302

Converter Module LM2577S LM2596S–OKY3497-8

Mokungit 93 Leds WS2812B WS2812 5050 RGB LED Ring Lamp Light with Integrated Drivers-OKY3213-2

Okystar IOT Smart Home Phone APP Controller With ESP8266 ESP-01+ 2 Channel WiFi Relay Module-OKY3023

Okystar1 3.7V 3A PCM BMS lithium li-ion battery charger protection board circuit module-OKY3399-1

Adjustable Voltage Regulator Board DC-DC Buck Adjustable Linear Regulator-OKY3463-4

DC-DC 2-24V to 2-28V Step Up Adjustable Power Module Boost Converter 2A SX1308-OKY3501-4

Collision Switch Limit switch Travel Switch for Robot Arduino Raspberry pi-OKY3551-1

JDY-10 BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Uart Transceiver Module CC2541 Central Switching Wireless Module iBeacon-OKY3375-9

JDY-08 BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Uart Transceiver Module CC2541 Wireless iBeacon-OKY3375-8

XH-M543 TPA3116D2 Dual-Channel classD digital audio Power amplifier board 120W*2-OKY3462-4

LM358 100 times gain Signal amplification Operational Amplifier Module GL-OKY3445

D1 mini OLED Shield I2C/IIC 0.66″ 64*48 TFT Modul ESP8266 NodeMcu LUA-OKY4020-1

1pcs PAM8403 module Super mini digital amplifier board 2 *3W 2.5 to 5V-OKY3462-5

5V Esp-01S Esp8266 Wifi Module Remote Control Switch Relay Module-OKY3033-1

5V PAM8403 Sound Standard DC Audio Power Amplifier Board 2 Channel Module-OKY3462-3

GY-US42 Flight Control Ultrasonic Range Sensor Module for Pixhawk IIC-OKY3264

700Ma 3.5W Power Supply Module Ac-Dc 220V To 5V Buck Converter Step Down Transformer-OKY3506

Okystar Mini Digital Voltmeter DC 2.5-30V Red Light LED Voltage Meter-OKY4094

PCF8563 RTC Real time Clock Development Module-OKY3395

2 in1 DC Volt Amp Meter Dual Voltmeter 0.28″ 0-100V/50A Red Blue Digital Display Ammeter-OKY4093-1

3D printer RAMPS1.4 LCD12864 intelligent Smart Controller LCD 12864-OKY4052

7 inch HDMI IPS capacitive touch screen 1024 X 600-OKY4038-2

5 inch HDMI LCD touch screen 800 X 480-OKY4037-1

84*48 84 Nokia 5110 LCD without the PCB-OKY4028

GY-271 HMC5883L Triple Axis Magnetometer Magnetic Field Compass Sensor–OKY3063-1

LCM 1602B 16×2 122*44 Controller Yellow Green or Blue Backlight-OKY4003-3

GYGPSV3-M8N ublox NEO-M8N-001 eighth Beidou GPS module APM MWC flight control-OKY3552-2

2*4 8 Push Buttons Accessory Board Matrix Keypad Module -OKY3530

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